Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Patternmart freebies

Patternmart has great freebies. Robin has a turkey freebie, Shelley Auen has a spring cross stitch, Stacy Nash has a great little sampler. Go and check it out...totally free!!!!

Have a cheap and cheerful day.


  1. Robby, about the link - when you are posting, or you can go back and edit the post, highlight the name of the website and then you'll have to click on the round green earth icon in the tool bar area. This will then bring up a place for you to cut and paste the address to the link. After you have this done, your website name will be underlined and clickable. I use this feature when I'm posting a fellow blogger's name so you can click and go directly to her blog. There are 2 of these links in my latest post. If you still need help, post on my last link. Good Luck. ~Ann

  2. Thanks Ann. I had been asking Robin about it and I came back to the computer and saw your advice. xxxRobby