Saturday, 18 April 2009

Fused plastic bags - extreme makeover

Oh this is good. Thanks Jaime!!! I need some Target bags...(hinting to my American friends)...think I could go to the Disney shop for a plastic bag here...well this one is great and Betz White has a bag to do too.

Have a cheap and cheerful day.


  1. Hey Robby, There was a gal that came in to joanns and she had made rain jackets out of plastic bags like these..I tried to get her to teach it..but I don't think she wanted to give up her ancient chinese secret..they were out of this world cute..very unique one of a kind...wished I had a camera on me...have a wonderful weekend..this is becoming my favorite blog as you are doing all the leg work and I am getting some wonderful em...Ta Ta...
    Gina :)

  2. You can make yourself a bag and tell her that you know the ancient secret..hahaha.

    What....and I am not already your favorite blog?? I have found another great trail to go down. Hopefully I will find some more doozies.

    I made another apron for crafting and it is so much better....I just love Levis!!!

    btw...did you get the email saying that postage is included?