Saturday, 18 April 2009

Brennan's tea towel apron

Brennan looks happy....notice the forced smile...I told him he had to model the apron so everyone could see it..and see him.
This is the tea towel I used.
Brennan's ruined apron.
Cut out the shape...notice there is no heming to that!!! wet that bias need to re iron it....darn it!!!!! I also gave it a little coffee bath to make it look prim for my new cook.
Pin the bias binding around the sides...remember leaving enough to tie at the back and enough to go around your neck. I added velcro so Brennan can grow with the apron. Stitch the careful with the pins...I got a few stuck in my finger!
I drew the initials straight onto some fabric. I then stitched it and put in a little bath of coffee and put it in the microwave for 1 minute.
This is the finished apron with the happy little recipient.
I used Brennan's plastic apron...notice the black I had to make him one to replace it. This is just using a tea towel that I bought in America...they don't seem to dry the dishes at repurpose time.

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  1. I love those tea towels but you are absolutely right - they are useless for drying dishes!