Wednesday, 29 April 2009

More free cross stitches-Tantes zolder

There are so many free charts here...the lady who has given them is brilliant. Please make a cuppa before you open this is a warning. How kind are the cross stitching crafters!!!! Go here to link to the freebies.

Have a cheap and cheerful day.


  1. Thanks so much for the links. But the one for the Rainbow Gallery goes directly to a pattern from amonamipierre. Was that suppose to happen? Do love your blog!!!

  2. Hey Robby,How do we navigate where the freebies are on this site and the one below..I love the fall into autumn...but the 2 lower posts are to the same site...:)I bought more floss today..and have been watching tv and girlfriend and I bought drapery cloth lighter then canvas but heavier then muslin..should stitch up really nice..will stay taught in the hoop better...:)

  3. Will fix it up Deb...thanks for pointing it out. xxxRobby

  4. Gina the freebies are all through the blog....when you see a is free. If you read the blog it says that they are all there for us to use. The lovliest blog hey!!! I need to get a light with a magnifying glass but can't remember who sells them...someone in blogland...saw the pic...driving me crazy. xxxRobby