Sunday, 19 April 2009

Char's blog - heaps of primitive tutorials

Well to list all of the fantastic tutorials would take all day....and..I emailed Char to ask for permission but never heard back...I couldn't hold onto this fantastic blog any longer. Char is the most giving of all the prim crafters. She has so many wooden creations...oh and mason jar thingies....I want them all!!! I love your blog...don't make me remove it. xxx

Have a cheap and cheerful day.


  1. Hi Robby

    I found you :) Just a quick hello to say I love your blog, I'm popping out but when I get back I will spend more time looking through your fab blog!!

    Thanx for popping into the shop & was lovely to meet you and hear about your blog,

    take care

    Cullen Crafts

  2. Glad to see you come by Ger. Your shop was beautiful and the location...paaallleeeeeazzze!!! On my other blog I put the photos of the day.

    Will come back again soon!!!