Saturday, 11 April 2009

Fabric wall pocket

Fold a piece of paper in half and drawn any shape for the top of the pocket.

Transfer that shape to cardboard. I like cereal boxes the best.
Chose your fabric. Using the cardboard template, draw directly on the wrong side of a folded piece of fabric. Leave extra on the bottom to fold under. Sew around the drawn line. Cut around it leave about 1/4 inch seam. Clip corners.
Turn through and press well. Put the cardboard template inside each piece for stability.
Fold the bottom seam towards the centre for the back and towards the back for the front....get the gist...ya know what I mean???? Press well
Pin the pieces together at the pocket and whip stitch it....doesn't have to be is primitive. I also whip stitch around the top too.
Add a button to the backing piece of the pocket for decoration. Also add a hanger to the back. You can also add rusty pins and any other sewing notion on it. I also add cross stitch or stitchery pieces to mine. Have a look at the pocket on my banner.

I hope you are able to understand me on this.....I have never done a tutorial before. Can you show me your finished pockets when you are done?

You can do any size of pocket too....I think I will do a really small one too.

Your husband could leave you love notes in the pocket.....or money for craft supplies if your husband isn't romantic like mine.

(on a side note....check out my ironing board was really gross from I turned it over....need to make me a new on that tutorial)

Have a cheap and cheerful day.


  1. I found your blog through QuiltHollow. I am DEFINITELY making this. How adorable. Thanks.

    Hugs ~

  2. Heidi you are welcome...would love to see a pic when you are done.


  3. Awesome idea, and great tutorial!! I posted a link to your tutorial on Craft Gossip Sewing:


  4. Thanks Anne. I love adding tutorials to my thought I had better do one. xxxRobby